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The Ayahuasca House Team

renato ayahuasca-house


Renato is a certified doctor in ancestral medicine, recognized by the indigenous government of Colombia. He studied with a number of respected shaman in Colombia, before now working solely with Taita Don Gerardo Silva over the last few years. With over eight years experience hosting retreats and many more years leading ceremonies, Renato helps people to thrive and achieve their personal mission and goals through ayahuasca retreats at Ayahuasca House here in Medellin, Colombia.

His experience with ayahuasca gives him the ability to help facilitate your own deep experience, and gives you the confidence to restore the coherence and harmony in your life, and transform your body, heart, mind and soul – physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually.

Learn more about Renato in this highly viewed documentary (Click Here)  - spoken in German

sabina ayahuasca-house


Sabina, also a certified doctor in ancestral medicine, has been involved and working with Ayahuasca for the last 15 years. Her guidance as a psychotherapist during your ayahuasca retreat helps you to understand your own individual experiences and get the most from the retreat. ​

Sabina has thousands of hours of practical therapy experience and her style is largely based on the philosophies of Laura Gutman and the school of ''biografia humana'' which involves taking a deep dive into your experiences right the way from the womb, through infancy, to where you are today.

In addition to her therapeutic support, she's passionate about the empowerment of women. 

Tom ayahuasca-house


Tom is a regular support member at every retreat. Originally from the UK, he first came to Ayahuasca House as a participant in 2019 and quickly became part of the team in 2021, helping out in all the ceremonies.

Gokula Musician ayahuasca-house


Gokula is an incredible musician at Ayahuasca House. He has an incredible talent in singing and playing the guitar alongside various other instruments, and has been involved with Ayahuasca for many years.

You can check out some of Gokula's music by clicking here 

Duvan ayahuasca-house


Duvan is an incredible support member at our retreats. He helps keep everything organized in the house so you can have the most comfortable time possible during your stay here.



Darsi has been a part of Ayahuasca House for many years now. She is our master cook preparing all the amazing food during your retreat. She's also here to support you with anything else you need during your time with us.


Ana María

Ana María is a professional singer who serves people at Ayahuasca House with her music. She also helps with everything else that needs to be done during each retreat. 

You can check out some of Ana María's music by clicking here

Mirna ayahuasca-house


Mirna is an amazing masseuse as well as a practitioner in natural IV (vitamin drip) therapy. These are extra services we offer during our retreats to give you the best possible experience and ensure you leave feeling more energized than ever.

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