Sabina Simonelli

  • Professional and certified Shaman for ancestral medicines

  • Moon mother 

  • Psychologist therapys in human biographies

Sabina Simonelli, married to Renato Simonelli, has been involved and working with shamanic

medicines for the last 12 years.  Her guidance as a psychotherapist during our treatment helps

the patients to understand their specific living experience. In addition to psychotherapeutic guidance, she also focuses on the healing and advancement of women. 

Treatment and healing for women with Sabina focuses on the womb and its unique retention and expression of memories. These memories held within the womb form and accumulation from one generation to the next, which can affect one's sexual life, emotional health, and maternal senses or understanding of a mother - daughter dynamics. This special healing form for women helps to improve relationships with men as an ongoing process, that will continue to unfold as you begin to make new choices on your life path. This is done by coordinating women ́s circles, counseling, womb blessings and workshops.

Renato Simonelli

  • Professional and  certified Shaman for ancestral medicines  

  • Professional Reconnective Healer  

  • Soma Energetics Practitioner ( Chakra alinement with tuning and healing forks )

Originally from Switzerland, Renato studied with Taita Don Gerardo Silva and other Shamans for several years. As a professional Reconnective Healer and Soma Energetics practitioner,helps patients to process and achieve their personal purposes.


His experienced assistance taking shamanic medicines will help you to get a permanent guide for facilitating your own deep experience to restore the coherence and harmony in your life and transform your body, heart , mind and soul connection – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and in many ways that otherwise may seem impossible.

Darsi Cardona

Darsi is our assistant and learner, she collaborates in all processes with medicines and patients and is ready for everything that is needed

Christian Cruz

Christian is a musician and a great friend of our family, he started taking ayahuasca since he was 9 years old, he also supports in the ceremonies of ayahuasca and kambo.