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Our Charity Projects

From our huge nature reserve project Yacumadre, to our work with indigenous communities, at Ayahuasca House we like to give back.

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kambo medellin.jpg
kambo medellin.jpg

Supporting Indigenous 

We voluntarily travel to vulnerable indigenous communities who have little access to medicines, clean water and other resources, to help them treat their illnesses and diseases with natural medicines. We also teach them the practices of, and provide them access to natural medicines.


Yacumadre is our latest project. We're building both a new retreat center, sustainable living community and natural reserve 4 hours from Medellin.

Our ultimate goal is to create the largest natural reserve in Colombia. To date we've helped protect over 800 acres (300 hectares) of virgin rainforest and planted over 3,000 trees.

Find Out More:

Yacumadre Website

YouTube Channel

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