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Our Musicians

Music is an incredibly powerful part of all our Ayahuasca Ceremonies and we always provide some of the best musician(s) you'll ever hear, who are part of our team, there throughout the ceremonies to play for you.


Either one or more of Gokula, Ana María Useche, and Juancho Piedemonte, are usually the musicians who play at our retreats. We vary the musicians often but rest assured, there will always be a musician of incredibly high quality.


(live in concert)


Agua de Estrellas - Miguel Molina Cover

Ana María

Oso Blanco - Bóveda Celeste Cover

Ana María

Flor das Aguas - Ocno


A Mantra from the Heavens 💖🌟🌄 (ft. Renato)


Los Apus (Live)

Gokula and Renato

An Ayahuasca Harmony 🌿❤️✨

Some Music Recorded at Our Retreats

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