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Ethical Products for Sale

We sell a variety of ethically made products where a high % of the revenue goes back to the people and communities that make, source and produce them.

Rapé Tobacco

Rapé Tobacco (pronounced rap-eh or hap-eh) is one of the oldest and most traditional medicines used in the Amazon.

In the Western World, tobacco is given a very bad name from products like cigarettes and with very good reason with the misuse, chemicals and damage it causes to a person's body. However, when produced in the correct way, organically, and used responsibly and the way tobacco is in indigenous communities, it’s an incredibly powerful medicine.

Rapé comes in powdered form and we have many different types for your different needs and wishes. The powder is always made with a base of organic tobacco and then combined with other natural plants and roots depending on the type.

Rapé is typically blown up a person’s nose, by the individual themselves using a kuripe (self-applicating pipe) or a tepi (longer pipe that another person blows).

Typical benefits of Rapé include helping you feel in a more meditative state, grounding you, cleaning your nose and airways, decalcifying the pineal gland, aiding blood circulation, and much more.


Contact us with any questions you have or to find out more.

Rapés we currently have available include: Kaxinawa, Jurema, Pau Pereira, Ayahuasca, Sananaga, Saumuma, Murici, Vashawa, Jatoba


We have T-Shirts in all shapes and sizes made to celebrate nature, animals and traditional communities, often made directly by people in the communities they celebrate.

Bracelets and Accessories

We also sell bracelets and accessories in all shapes and sizes made to celebrate the visual effects of Ayahuasca and other natural medicines.

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